Start Fresh Today Plus Pak: Media Kit

Backed by Start Fresh Today, a leading marketing, education, legal and technology company, with years of experience in the “financial crisis” business, we are able to reach thousands of engaged consumers that we have already built a trusted relationship with.

The SFT Plus Pak team will work with you to get your company’s marketing message directly into the hands of those consumers who are in the first phase of rebuilding financially. This highly targeted and engaged demographic now desperately needs the proper coaching, products and services to take the next step on the road to financial recovery. Participating advertiser benefits include:

  • Warm market list of up to 1.4 million, highly targeted consumerssft-plus-pak-media-kit
  • Mailing, postage, creative, handling, tracking and follow up campaigns via email, SMS text messaging and mobile marketing all in one place
  • Targeted mail and automated follow up campaigns
  • National online exposure
  • Professionally designed and effective direct mail insert
  • Volume discounts
  • A proven and trusted brand



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