SFT Plus Pak ROI Calculator

In today's economy, marketing budgets are tight and return on investment is critical. That's why we've developed this customized ROI Calculator to help you determine what your potential return on investment will be based on the:

  • Price of your average saleroi calculator 2 resized 216
  • Lifetime value of your client
  • Number of records you choose
  • Number of quarters you participate in

We've even gone a step further to include statistics from the Direct Mail Association's (DMA) 2012 Response Rate Report that concluded the following when it comes to direct mail: The average response rate is 3.42% when mailed to existing customers and it has the highest rate of success in new customer acquisition at 34% compared with other marketing channels.

To use the calculator, simply enter your figures in the yellow fields and select from the dropdown options in the orange fields. That's it! Advertising with SFT Plus Pak is not only easy, but also offers the potential for a powerful return on your investment.




Disclaimer: By using this hypothetical calculator you acknowledge that the use of it is not a guarantee of actual or predicted results. Accordingly, you understand and agree that Start Fresh Today, LLC or any of its affiliates does not warrant or guarantee the results of any mailing made using this calculator or it's use for any other purposes.