Start Fresh Today Offers Automatic Filing of Debtor Education Certificates!

Following changes in Bankruptcy Procedures, we offer the option of notifying courts directly once debtors have completed their post-petition instructional course in personal financial management. In our constant effort to provide you with the most efficient, time saving service we’d like to know your certificate delivery preference. 

Please let us know what works best for you by selecting YES or NO in the form to the right. 

If you select 'No', we will NOT file your certificates directly with the court on your behalf.
We will continue to send them as usual to the email address you provide.


Thank you again for the confidence you have placed in us.
We value your business.

*DISCLAIMERS: New Hampshire Bankruptcy courts DO NOT allow ECF filing of debtor education certificates by course providers. 
Direct filing of Debtor Education certificates only, to Attorneys who opt in and their clients use their attorney code. If you choose to have CESI dba Start Fresh Today file your clients' debtor education certificate(s) with the court, we will make our best efforts to file all of the certificates for your clients within 24-48 hours. However, we cannot guarantee that each certificate will be properly filed. We recommend that you check the court's docket to ensure the accuracy of the filing. In addition, by selecting to participate in this option and allowing CESI dba Start Fresh Today to file certificates on behalf of your clients, you agree that CESI dba Start Fresh Today is not liable for any damages caused by or related to an improper filing of a certificate, including, but not limited to, damages caused by CESI's dba Start Fresh Today negligence. The court will send an email notification to you if your email address is listed in your client's bankruptcy record.