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Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney: What You Need to Know

Posted on 1/17/17 11:30 AM

Once you've made a decision to file bankruptcy the next thing you'll need to do is find a bankruptcy attorney. Chances are, like most people, you've decided to file bankruptcy because you cannot meet your debts.

You may think one smart way of saving money is to avoid hiring a bankruptcy attorney, after all, it's just a bunch of forms to fill out and present to the court, right? No, you're wrong and you could be jeopardizing your financial future if you opt to file on your own – which is known as "pro se". 

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Things You Must Know When Filing for Bankruptcy

Posted on 8/14/16 9:00 AM

Many people, when they are deep in debt with no way out, will consider filing for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this is not an easy decision to make. In fact, deciding to file for bankruptcy will only perpetuate the anxious feelings and worry that are already there.

However, by learning more about the process, you can begin making a plan that will help ease those feelings. Then, you will be able to look towards the future with hope and begin planning the next stage of your life.

Here are a few things you definitely need to know when you are filing for bankruptcy.

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Filing For Bankruptcy: Is Filing Single Or With My Spouse Smarter?

Posted on 6/2/16 11:00 AM

Considering bankruptcy is a situation that could bring about many questions. One of the main questions married couples may be asking is, should I choose to file a single or a joint bankruptcy petition?

Filing jointly means that combined debts and property will be included in the bankruptcy. In many cases, joint filing is a good decision. There are some situations, though, where you can benefit from filing alone. As you make your decision as to whether to file for bankruptcy as a single or joint filer and what will be most beneficial in your situation, the following information should be considered. 

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3 Lessons I Learned from Filing for Bankruptcy

Posted on 5/6/16 9:00 AM

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult and scary decision for many, especially when you feel like there are no other options left.

From being in that position myself, I know how scary it can be. But after filing for bankruptcy 6 years ago, I've learned a lot from the process. Here are 3 big lessons I learned from filing for bankruptcy.

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Pssst: You Are Not Alone! Bankruptcies of the Rich and Famous

Posted on 10/31/13 8:54 AM

When thinking about bankruptcy, many emotions come to mind such as “fear” and “helplessness.” But perhaps the most common one attached to bankruptcy is “shame.” The shame of not being able to pay bills or the shame of becoming poor with no assets or property.

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Financial Literacy Month and Your Financial Future

Posted on 4/19/13 9:28 AM

April is Financial Literacy Month and it’s as good a time as any for you to consider your options when thinking about how financially literate and secure you are and how to improve your financial future.

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The Positive Side of Filing for Bankruptcy

Posted on 3/1/13 1:41 PM

positive_bankruptcy.jpgThe stigma of filing for bankruptcy has gradually disappeared. Most consumers want to pay their debts but unexpected things can happen—loss of a job, divorce, emergency medical bills—that result in an inability to pay off these debts. Once someone gets over the emotional stress of having to consider bankruptcy as a way out of uncontrollable debts, he or she can begin to see the positive side of filing for bankruptcy.  

Some of the benefits of filing for bankruptcy include the following:

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Effective Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy Relapse

Posted on 11/9/12 7:33 AM

According to statistics from the United States Courts, there were nearly 400,000 bankruptcy filings in 2011. 28% of those filings were from people who had filed for bankruptcy within the previous eight years. If you have filed any chapter of bankruptcy in the past, it is time to strive for financial security so you do not end up a part of these statistics in coming years.

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Do It Yourself Bankruptcy: Good Idea?

Posted on 10/9/12 8:54 AM

It’s understandable that you are in a financial bind if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. You may decide that doing your own bankruptcy will save you from paying bankruptcy attorney fees. But the bankruptcy rules and procedures are complex and you may be taking risks that could have devastating effects on your bankruptcy case and financial situation.

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Understanding the Debt Settlement Option

Posted on 9/28/12 3:15 PM

This is a guest post from Frank P. Pipitone, a bankruptcy attorney based in Freeport, New York serving clients in Long Island and Queens. Frank's practice focuses on consumer credit issues including debt settlement, foreclosure solutions, and personal bankruptcy.    

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