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6 Things You Should NOT Do If You're Considering Bankruptcy

Posted on 1/24/17 9:09 AM

Perhaps you've found yourself in a difficult financial situation caused by high medical bills and loss of income, or a recent divorce. Your debts are piling up, and there's simply not enough money to pay your creditors what you owe them. If you have come to the conclusion that your only option is filing for bankruptcy to eliminate your debts, be very careful. There are some detrimental financial moves that can hurt your bankruptcy case. It's important that you avoid these mistakes so that your bankruptcy filing is a smoother process, rather than one fraught with challenges from your creditors, or the bankruptcy trustee.

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5 Signs You Should Consider Filing for Bankruptcy

Posted on 11/16/16 2:06 PM

Filing for bankruptcy can be a scary thought. However, many report that it saved them, gave them a fresh start and relieved their stress. If you're at a crossroads and considering bankruptcy, it's important to recognize the warning signs. 

Here are 5 signs you should consider filing for bankruptcy:

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