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Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney: What You Need to Know

Posted on 1/17/17 11:30 AM

Once you've made a decision to file bankruptcy the next thing you'll need to do is find a bankruptcy attorney. Chances are, like most people, you've decided to file bankruptcy because you cannot meet your debts.

You may think one smart way of saving money is to avoid hiring a bankruptcy attorney, after all, it's just a bunch of forms to fill out and present to the court, right? No, you're wrong and you could be jeopardizing your financial future if you opt to file on your own – which is known as "pro se". 

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4 Important Bankruptcy Attorney Traits

Posted on 8/3/16 2:00 PM

As a bankruptcy attorney, you'll often find yourself dealing with people in one of the worst times of their lives. It can be a challenge managing expectations while being empathetic to their situation and professionally handling their unique case. 

If you're a bankruptcy attorney, there are four key traits you need to show existing and potential clients--and if you're looking for a bankruptcy attorney, you'll want to make sure that they have these traits:

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Why You Need an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Posted on 7/25/16 10:30 AM

Consumers who are considering filing for bankruptcy may believe they can do it on their own without the help of a bankruptcy attorney. This can be a risky perception, particularly if you are considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy which means your debts are fully eliminated once a discharge is issued.

Here are some of the challenges debtors face if they try to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy without hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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What Bankruptcy Attorneys Should Know About Attorney-Client Privilege

Posted on 12/11/15 9:11 AM

Attorney-client privilege or what’s called confidentiality is an important aspect of the lawyer/client relationship. To keep clients informed and protect their interests, it’s important that attorneys completely understand confidentiality/privilege rules surrounding bankruptcy. Below are a few things attorneys should know about attorney-client privilege.  

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The Unique Attorney-Client Relationship In Bankruptcy

Posted on 3/5/15 11:48 AM

Bankruptcy clients are often surprised to find out how personal their relationship with their bankruptcy attorney becomes over the course of the representation. While the end goal of bankruptcy is to receive a discharge of debt, the journey to that goal requires full disclosure on the part of the client, and some empathy on the part of the attorney.

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How To Climb Out Of Debt – The SFT Ladder To Freedom!

Posted on 5/30/14 8:10 AM

You know the feeling; you are constantly struggling to stay afloat and get through each day financially, with no clear end in sight. The stresses and strains of debt have become permanently etched on your forehead. Any efforts to relieve yourself of the crippling metaphorical weight on your shoulders simply don’t work, and you find yourself struggling even more. But this pattern doesn’t have to continue forever. You can break the cycle.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your NACBA Experience

Posted on 4/18/14 2:59 PM

After months of looking forward to the 22nd Annual National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Convention (NACBA) in NYC, the weekend has just come and gone. So did you get the most you could out of this informative and fun-packed weekend? It’s not too late!

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Do I Need Social Media To Enhance My Bankruptcy Firm’s Online Presence?

Posted on 4/16/14 3:15 PM

social media marketing bankruptcyFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube…Social Media is taking the world by storm. It is now the top Internet activity, even trumping email. Defined by Wikipedia as “the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks,” social media is a great way to generate leads, act as an interactive platform for existing clients, enhance your online brand presence and make yourself searchable to potential qualified customers.

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Student Loans and Bankruptcy: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know

Posted on 3/21/14 12:08 PM

More than 40 million Americans have student loan debt. That’s more than the total population of over 200 countries - including Canada and Australia! In the last 15 years, student debt has increased more than 500%.

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Start Fresh Today to Exhibit at 22nd Annual NACBA Convention in NYC

Posted on 3/11/14 12:00 PM

Start Fresh Today is excited to announce that team members will be in New York City April 10 – April 13, 2014 for the 22nd Annual NACBA Convention at the Hilton Midtown. During the convention, bankruptcy attorneys from around the country will be able to attend a variety of educational sessions, meet with sponsors and exhibitors, and participate in fun citywide events.

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