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Our Top 7 Most Popular Bankruptcy Blog Posts of 2016

Posted on 12/28/16 7:35 AM

Well, that's a wrap. 2016 is coming to a close, and 2017 is just around the corner.

While we are all excited about the prospect of a fresh start, and while setting new goals for the new year is a great thing to do, it is important that we don't forget about all of the amazing—and perhaps, not so amazing—things that we learned and did this year. 

To help recap the year 2016, and maybe even refresh your memory of some of the lessons you may have learned, we will use this article to give you a list of our top 7 blog posts of the year. 

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Just the Facts: The History of Trump's Four Chapter 11 Bankruptcies

Posted on 7/8/16 10:00 AM

When it comes to Donald Trump, it appears that he doesn't do anything half-way. Everything has to be the biggest, greatest, and most luxurious experience possible. This belief lies at the heart of the Trump philosophy – a philosophy which he has extended into the world of bankruptcy.

Trump’s casino-hotel business empire has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, also known as a reorganization bankruptcy, four times since 1991. Each time, he has managed to bring his empire back from the brink of destruction and shed billions in debt. Trump himself has never filed for personal bankruptcy.

However, despite the tendency of his political foes to use Trump’s history of bankruptcies as a starting point to question both his business acumen and his abilities as a leader, the reality is that successful businessmen sometimes use bankruptcy as a tool to protect their business during financial downturns.

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Bankruptcy Can Happen to Anyone

Posted on 1/28/16 7:30 AM

Filing for bankruptcy can feel incredibly depressing. You might feel as though you've failed. You know that it's going to be a waiting game from here: waiting for your credit to recover; waiting to be eligible for several basic types of financial transactions again; waiting to rebuild your savings accounts. If the whole process has you down in the dumps, remember that bankruptcy can happen to anyone. Celebrities have done it. Executives have done it. All it takes is a couple of bad decisions, unexpected expenses, or an unanticipated layoff, and suddenly, you simply can't pay those bills that have piled up. You're not alone in your bankruptcy journey--and now that you've made the decision, there are plenty of positives to this process.

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Bankruptcy as a Fresh Start: Starting 2016 With a New Financial Mindset

Posted on 12/31/15 2:10 PM

Filing for bankruptcy as a fresh start isn't in vain when you consider you're finally eliminating the crushing burden of debt. Perhaps you were saddled with debt all of 2015, yet kept thinking that you could find your way out. 

Insolvency isn't a good way to start the new year, because it's only going to place you in more financial jeopardy, including dealing with collection agencies.

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How to Recover From Bankruptcy Even Through the Holiday Season

Posted on 11/12/15 11:11 AM

The holiday season is an eventful time, particularly for those who have just filed for bankruptcy, or have just received their discharge from the court. What's the best way to stay afloat, especially in a season that's centered around giving (and spending)? Here are our tips for staying true to your financial goals, while still enjoying the holiday cheer.

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Means Test Basics: What Is The Marital Adjustment Deduction?

Posted on 10/23/15 11:20 AM

What happens if you are filing for bankruptcy and your spouse is not? Accurate calculation of your means test may require you to leverage the marital deduction option. By using the marital deduction you can accurately separate expenses unrelated to your bankruptcy filing. Specifically those incurred by your spouse on a one-time or ongoing basis. Including the costs of daily life, loan or investment payments and reoccurring fees for things like a gym membership or cell phone.

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What Two 2015 Celebrity Bankruptcies Can Teach You

Posted on 10/15/15 11:11 AM

While the antics of many celebrities often teach other individuals how not to act, there are lessons to be learned from two high-profile people in the music industry who have admitted that their debt has become too much for them. These 2015 celebrity bankruptcy stories are likely different from yours but could help you when considering a similar choice.


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Law Firm Business: How To Survive the Bankruptcy Filings Decline

Posted on 7/14/15 4:30 PM

The number of Americans filing bankruptcy has declined significantly. According AACER Bankruptcy data released this month, there has been an 8.5% decline in daily bankruptcy filings since May and a 47.9% month-to-month decline since June 2010.

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How to Be Prepared for Your Credit Counseling Session

Posted on 7/8/15 10:51 AM

When someone finds themselves spiraling further and further into debt, it can be very hard to escape from the situation. Debt often breeds more debt, and causes credit scores to plummet. It is rare that the unlucky people in these situations are able to escape by themselves, but there is hope. 

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4 Tips For Turning Nervous Debtors Into Clients

Posted on 6/12/15 1:00 PM

Bankruptcy is on the minds of many debtors because it’s one of the few ways to get free from burdensome debt.  But how do you as an attorney turn a nervous debtor into a client? Below are four tips:

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