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Financial Literacy Month and Your Financial Future

Join Us at NACBA's Annual Convention in San Diego

Fact and Fiction When it Comes to Bankruptcy

Tax Time and Bankruptcy Filings

Lackluster Employment Statistics Reported for March

Does Bankruptcy Make Sense for You?

Earning Bankruptcy Certificates Before and After Filing for Bankruptcy

Positive Economic Signs for February

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Florida Statistics Reflecting the Economy and Bankruptcy

The Positive Side of Filing for Bankruptcy

Top 10 Business Bankruptcies of 2012

2012: The Year in Bankruptcy and the Economy

Your After Bankruptcy To Do List

Americans’ Financial Health Not Very Good in January

Recovering from Bankruptcy: Getting Credit with Bad Credit

The Latest Bankruptcy Filing Statistics

Filing For Chapter 20 Bankruptcy: Is It Beneficial For You?

Bankruptcy Filings Continue to Decline in Florida

4 Educational Bankruptcy Videos Under 3 Minutes

Help for Those Struggling with Student Loan Debt

The Emotional Impact of Bankruptcy

8 Tips to Maximize Your Bankruptcy Blog

Revision of Bankruptcy Forms: The First in Two Decades

Drowning in Debt: How to Find Your Lifeline

Steps to Take Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Will Bankruptcy Filings Increase in 2013?

Education After Bankruptcy

Debtor Education: Earning a Personal Financial Management Certificate

Post-Christmas Holiday Spending: Boom or Bust?

Christmas Hangover: How to Get Your Finances Back on Track

Hurricane Sandy and the Economy

Financial Crisis in the Motor City: Another Municipal Bankruptcy on the Horizon

The Impending Fiscal Cliff and Your Holiday Finances

Use Caution Before Going on a Spending Spree This Holiday Season

Savings and Investment: The Future of America

6 Money-Saving Tips for Thanksgiving

U.S. Bankruptcy Filings Decrease in 2012

Effective Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy Relapse

Bankruptcy Filings in South Florida Increase in October

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: An Effective Tool to Stop Foreclosure

Key Components for Your Bankruptcy Law Firm's Website

Debt Settlement Companies: Salvation or Trap?

The Auto Industry Bailout: Straight Bankruptcy vs. Government Help

Bankruptcy Attorneys: Marketing Your Law Practice through Social Media

Do It Yourself Bankruptcy: Good Idea?

The Value of Customer Service

What is a Debtor Education Course?

Understanding the Debt Settlement Option

Start Fresh Today® and Best Case® Bankruptcy Integration Provides Single-Source Access to Consumer Bankruptcy Solutions

If I File Bankruptcy, Will I Ever Get Credit Again?

Discharging a Student Loan in Bankruptcy

Top 10 Tips in Dealing with Aggressive Debt Collectors

Earning Your Bankruptcy Certificates: Credit Counseling & Debtor Education

Don’t Miss the Members Only 2012 Fall NACBA Workshop

6 Most Common Debts That Can Be Discharged in Bankruptcy

Top 5 Bankruptcy Myths

The Solyndra Bankruptcy Saga Continues

Bankruptcy is Not Always the End of the World for Businesses

When Should One Consider Bankruptcy?

The Middle Class Forced into Bankruptcy by Burdening Consumer Debt

What is a Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Certificate?

Bankruptcy Certification for Attorneys

Don't Let the Required Bankruptcy Courses Delay Your Case

California Municipalities File For Bankruptcy: Cities Join Consumers in Seeking Bankruptcy Protection

10 Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney During Your Initial Consultation

The Bankruptcy Course Process Simplified

6 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Start Fresh Today Launches New Website

Start Fresh Today Announces its Recent Acquisition of A1 Debtor Education, LLC

Start Fresh Today to Sponsor and Exhibit at Annual NACBA Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Racial Disparity in the Consumer Bankruptcy System

Start Fresh Today and LegalPRO Systems, Inc. form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Courses

New Maryland Rules Require More Proof in Debt Collection Cases

2011 Personal Bankruptcies Down 12%

Ho, Ho, ...Hum? Make the Most of Your Holiday Downtime

Surrendering Property in a Chapter 13 Plan

Courts Take Action on Bankruptcy Preparers

Homeland Soldiers Get Extended Bankruptcy Assistance

Bankruptcy Code on the Go - Free

Start Fresh Today is a Hit at NACBA in Colorado Springs

Outstanding Student Loans Exceed $1 Trillion

Florida Foreclosure Process Delayed by Bankruptcy Trustees?

Absolute Priority Rule No Longer Applies Under BAPCPA

Bankruptcies Drop As Consumers Still Struggle

Personal Property May Apply to Homestead Exemption

More College Grads Filing for Bankruptcy

NY Times on Relief for Student Debtors

Your Government Prefers Chapter 13

Bankruptcy Filings Drop Due To Apathy

9th Circuit Court Cramdown Ruling "Just Right" with Car Owner

Consumer Bankruptcies Overtake Small Business Bankruptcies in Q2 2011

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Responsibilities and Remuneration

Trapped in the Closet Chapter 7 or 13?

Is the Drop in Consumer Bankruptcies Just a Lull?

Will Consumer Debt Load Increase New Bankruptcies?

Soap Opera Star Files for Bankruptcy Protection in Nevada

20 Bankruptcy Court Judges Join to Reject DOMA

Supreme Court Changes Proof of Claim Rules

Student Loans to be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Judge Bypasses DOMA to Allow Joint Bankruptcy Filing by Same-Sex Spouses

Fighting Fraud in Bankruptcy Act Introduced

Bankrupt Homeowners Shed Second Mortgages

One In Eight Americans Have Contemplated Bankruptcy

A New Means Test Form Coming?

Start Fresh Today, a National Leader of Online Credit Counseling & Debtor Education Courses, Introduces Its First After-Bankruptcy Consumer Product - "The SFT Financial Success Kit."

Orange County Bankruptcies Highest in 65 Months

The Foreclosure Prevention Program Working Better Than HAMP?

Is the DIY Bankruptcy Coming Soon?

Start Fresh Today and New Hope Software Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Courses

House Votes End to HAMP

Montana Businessman's Bankruptcy Fraud Scheme

New Chapter 7 Trustee on Bankruptcy Reform

SJC: No Spousal Equity in Bankruptcy

New Foreclosure Mediator Contract for Miami-Dade

Same Sex Married Couple Files Chapter 13 in Los Angeles

Debtor Prosecutions Rise Amid Poorly Hidden Assets

Bankrupt Politicians - In the Financial Sense

A Clamp Down on HAMP?

Can Bankruptcy Courts Limit Homeowner and Investor Losses?

Changes to ARM Disclosures Go Into Effect Sunday

Capital One Bank to Refund More Than $2 Million in Improperly Collected Consumer Bankruptcy Monies

Coalition for Debtor Education Attempts to Raise Awareness on Bankruptcy and Debt-Related Issues

Justice Kagan Rejects Consumer Bankruptcy Argument in Her First Decision

U.S. Personal Bankruptcies Rise 9% in 2010, Expect a Bigger 2011

The Bankruptcy Means Test Is Complex - Do Not Go It Alone

Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Finally Drop in the US, says ABI Report

Ho, Ho, ...Hum? Make the Most of Your Holiday Downtime

Bankruptcy Court More Effective Than Loan Modification Efforts

Congress Finds BAPCPA Ineffective?

First Mortgage Exempt From Deficiency Judgment After Short Sale - Starting Jan 1, 2011

Bankruptcy Code Time Machine

Smarter & Richer Bankruptcy Filers in 2010

Reaffirmation Agreements and the Attorney's Role

A Homeowner's Chapter 11?

Bankruptcy Filing and Holiday Shopping

Senior Credit Card Debt Increasing Bankruptcy Filings

Personal Bankruptcies Highest Since 2005

"Chapter 20" Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Job Discrimination

Bankruptcy and Cosigners

Bankruptcy and Property

Jobs Returning from Overseas - What Does this Mean for Your Bankruptcy Law Firm?

New Study Suggests Credit Counseling is Beneficial for Bankruptcy Filers

Waiting for the Dust to Settle on Lanning

New HAMP Guidelines Include Borrowers in Bankruptcy

Question Admissibility of Creditor / Mortgage Servicer Records

Are the Wrong People Filing for Bankruptcy?

NACBA Members, Don't Forget to Vote

U.S. Supreme Court Says Attorneys are Debt Relief Agencies under BAPCPA, Upholds Ban on Advising Clients to Incur Additional Debt

Bankruptcy Stats Take Center Stage in Health Care Reform Debate

Mortgage Documentation Issues Remain Unclear in Foreclosure / Bankruptcy Cases

Life Without Credit - How Are You Advising Your Clients?

Shrinking Consumer Credit Impacts Bankruptcy Filers

Choosing an LPO Provider for Your Bankruptcy Firm

Bankruptcy Filings Come Full Circle - What Does it Mean for Your Practice?

79.9% Interest Rate Actually Lowers Effective APR for some Credit Card Issuers

Mortgage Cramdown Provision May Reach House Floor Today

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Argument on Constitutionality of BAPCPA

Bankruptcy Wars

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to BAPCPA

House May Vote on Mortgage Modification Bill This Week

Make Your Voice Heard on Mortgage Modification

The Forgotten Creditor

Bankruptcy and the Tax Refund

Bankruptcy Appeals Courts and Electronic Filing

NY Federal Reserve Links Foreclosure Crisis to Bankruptcy Reform

DePaul Law School and Commercial Law League of America Annual Symposium

Handling a Creditor Purchase Money Security Interest

Completing the Creditor Schedule

The Bankruptcy Discharge and Mortgage Billing Statements

The Bank Account Dilemma

Department of Justice Holds Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Approval of Financial Education Providers

Mandatory Bankruptcy Disclosures

Senator Dick Durbin to Hold Press Conference

Documents Required for the Debtor Audit

Helping Your Client Survive a Debtor Audit

The Credit Counseling Course and Filing Bankruptcy

Guiding Your Client Through Bankruptcy Exemption Planning

Handling Ancillary and Cross Border Cases in Bankruptcy Court

New Foreclosure Filing Procedures in Florida's 12th Circuit

Noticing News

Bankruptcy Reform and President-Elect Barack Obama

Taking the Direct Approach - BAPCPA Offers Fast Track to Circuit Court Appeals

What's Your Preference? Exploring the Split Debate Over Debtor Credit Card Payments

The Science Behind Withdrawal of the Reference

Keeping it Clean - The Ethical Side of Bankruptcy Law

The Abstention Factor in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Suviving the Economic Roller Coaster

Navigating Your Client Through the Bankruptcy Maze

Uniform Forms are the Rule for Bankruptcy Trustees

House and Senate Approves National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act

Chapter 7 Median Income Comparison Updates

The Average American Lawyer Makes $113,600 - But the Spectrum is Broad

Study Examines Potential BAPCPA Constitutional Issues

Student Loan Difficulties in Midst of the Credit Crunch

Eight Ways to Avoid Business Debt and Do a Better Job of Providing for Your Employees

Donald Trump Knows How to Save Your Home...or Not

Important Bankruptcy Median Income Data Update

Judiciary Committee Passes Bankruptcy Bill

Finally - a Creditor's Organization that Tells the Truth!

Visit Start Fresh Today at NACBA!

Bankruptcy Code Revision to Fight Foreclosure in the Works?

Credit Industry Implicitly Endorsing "Adverse Events" Model of Bankruptcy?

Minimum Wage Increase Takes Effect Today

Sliced, Diced and Flipped Mortgages May be a Blessing in Disguise for Consumers

NACBA Testimony Prompts U.S. Trustees to Change Audit Procedure

Dollar Amount Changes Take Effect April 1

Thanks to All Who Attended Start Fresh Today's Fundraiser at NACBA

Commercial Law League of America's BAPCPA Survey

BAPCPA Provisions Declared Unconstitutional as Applied to Minnesota Attorneys

Start Fresh Today at NACBA

2005-2006 Bankruptcy Filing Statistics Comparison Misleading at Best

Supreme Court Holds No Absolute Right to Convert


Mortgage Foreclosure "Disaster" Calls for Extreme Measures

NACBA Updating Fee Practice Survey Results - Please Respond!

Former Bankruptcy Petitioners Not Qualified to be Credit Counselors?

National Consumer Bankruptcy Project Back in the Field

Pro Bono Attorneys Not Debt Relief Agencies per U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida

Early Registration Discount for NACBA Annual Convention in Philadelphia Ends Today

Senate Committee Holds Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices

Debtor Attorney Fees from Workers Comp Claim?

Publicity for Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Boot Camp Continues to Grow

Bankruptcy America website revamps consumer information for the BAPCPA age

Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Boot Camp in BusinessWeek

Illinois Law Professor Predicts Bankruptcy Filings Headed Toward Pre-BAPCPA Levels

Center for Responsible Lending Report Predicts Subprime Mortgage Disaster

Section 528 Advertising Disclosure Requirements Fail Constitutional Test

Rulings Against BAPCPA Debt Relief Agency Provisions Continue to Mount

Cable Service is not a Utility Under Section 366

Illinois Professor's Senate Testimony Puts BAPCPA in Perspective

NACBA Has Harsh Words for Senate Bankruptcy Hearing

9th Circuit Rules on Presumptive Fees

Consumer Bankruptcy Filing Trends May Reveal Little Change

Morgan King's Bankruptcy Academy

Third Court Finds Portions of BAPCPA Unconstitutional

Looking for Mortgage Horror Story

Bankruptcy Boot Camp an Eye-Opening Experience

Bankruptcy Attorney Responds to Media Mischaracterization

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Say BAPCPA Has Increased Cost of Bankruptcy with No Benefits

Courts Inconsistent on Inclusion of Non-Filing Spouse's Income

Ninth Circuit Rules Some Retirement Contributions "Necessary Expenses"

"Disposable Income" Determination Disregards Actual Projected Income

Bankruptcy Courts Avoiding Imperfectly Executed Mortgage Liens

Median Income Rises Nationally - But Reality for Most is a Little Different

U.S. District Court in Texas Holds BAPCPA Partially Unconsitutional

ARM Adjustments Impact Millions of Homeowners in 2006-07

Media Continues to Mischaracterize Bankruptcy Statistics

NACBA Lawsuit Update

3rd Circuit Rules Reimbursement Debt for Military Education Not Dischargeable

Consumer Debt Continues to Grow as Credit Card Solicitations Reach an All-Time High

Federal Reserve Board Drops the Ball in Consumer Credit Study

"Foolish" Advice on Bankruptcy Filings

NACBA Conference and Katrina Fundraiser Success Stories

NACBA Conference

SFT Offers Free Software Demonstrations--and Free Katrina Impact Bus Tour Tickets

NACBA Offers Free Seminar to Hurricane Katrina Survivors

NACBA, CT Bar Association Challenge BAPCPA

SFTI Debtor Education Course Approved by U.S. Trustee

Chapter 7 Filings on the Rise Again

Good Money Management Hurting Credit Card Issuers

Outstanding Consumer Credit Grows Despite 2005 Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcy Filing Fee Increases Effective 4/9/06

Avoiding the Means Test - And Other Reasons to File Under Chapter 13

Defining Family Size

"Discharge by Declaration" Continues to Erode

FTC and Other Agencies Request Comment on Fair Credit Guidelines

Creditors Who Lobbied for BAPCPA May Suffer the Most for It

Credit Counseling/ Financial Management Course Requirements Distinct

Loss of Immunity for Debt Collection Lawyers Provides Protection for Consumers

Imagine our surprise...

News Coverage Mischaracterizes NACBA Findings

NACBA Reveals Impact of BAPCPA

15 Million Americans Working at or Below Poverty Level

New Median Income / Allowable Living Expenses - Is there authority for the delay?

Bankruptcy Counseling Requirement Has Little Impact

Chapter 13 Debtor With Previously Filed Case May Seek Automatic Stay Under Section 362(C)(4)(B)

New Bankruptcy Laws aren't that Bad

Credit Card Changes May Break your Back

Increase in Minimums May Max-Out Many Consumers

Credit Card Charge-Offs

What to do if you're squeezed by credit-card debt

Consumer Tips for Repaying Holiday Debt

Bankruptcy Education

The Economy in a Nutshell

New Bankruptcy Rules Review

Economic Challenges for America in 2006

Local bankruptcy trustee's best guess is that filings will pick up again in Spring

Debt may pile quicker in '06: New credit laws could put some in deeper hole

Surge in Filings Related to Change in Law that adds tougher Requirements

Credit companies may double Minimum Payments as early as next Month

Four Articles to Read

Bankruptcy Filing Fees Rise Again

Newly Bankrupt Raking In Piles of Credit Offers

Brad Botes Appointed as Executive Director of NACBA

Bankruptcy Law's Catch

Bankruptcy Law Myths

Bankruptcy law to push more to riskier self-filing


Bankruptcy Law Backfires on Credit Card Issuers

Supreme Court on Student Loans

Housing Slowdown May Claim 800,000 Jobs

Credit Card Debtors in For Shock

Crunch Time for the Middle Class

Economy Standing Up on Credit Card Sticks

Foreclosure rates on the Rise

Sometimes Lawyers Tell Clients To Lie, Sometimes Clients Say Lawyers Made Them Lie

Court: Social Security can be used to pay debt

Hurricane Victims' Bills Come Due

Five-Day Period of Inability to Obtain Credit Counseling Services Must Occur Prior to Bankruptcy Petition in Order to Support Claim of Exigent Circumstances

Nevada Bankruptcy Court Rules Section 522(p)'s Homestead Exemption Cap Applies to Opt-Out States

Bankruptcy Filings Down Since October

Reduction in Bankruptcy Filings Since Reform

The New Rules for Going Broke

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Fall Sharply

Court Holds New Code Section 362(h) Not Applicable in Chapter 13

The Broad Effects of Bankruptcy Law

Forgive Us Our Debts--Explaining the Rising Tide of Bankruptcy

No Right to Abortion, Alito Argued in 1985

Minnesota Firm Files Constitutional Challenge to New Bankruptcy Law

Lack of Uniformity in the New Bankruptcy Code

The Costs of Bankruptcy

No Easy Way Out of Credit Card Debt

Troubling Bankruptcy Fix

Bankruptcy Caseload Increases with New Law

New Study: Credit Card Debt Explosion in the U.S.

"Means test not a big deal," says Alabama Bankruptcy Lawyer

IRS Summarizes Key BARF Tax Issues

Attorney Liability under ?? 707(b)(4)

Bankruptcy Troubles Lurk

Thoughts on "Scalito"

Will Bankruptcy Survive?

Three Sanctions and You're Out Law

Updated Census Income Figures

Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination

Protection Time

Bankruptcy Filings Cause 'Big Credit' to Take a Hit

Post-BARF Malpractice Insurance Troubles

Sen. Durbin addresses bankruptcy bill on the Senate floor

Growing Use of Credit Cards to Make Mortgage Payment

New Bankruptcy Law is Not Cause for PANIC

Bankruptcy law needs allowance

Bankruptcy Reform may Mean More Evictions

Show Me the Money: Someday Common Sense will be Restored.

Not one word needs to be changed

Bankruptcy Filings Deluge Courts

Interesting Bankruptcy Filing Interviews: The last minute Filers.

Motion for Declaration - Not Debt Relief Agencies

A Bankruptcy New Law

Bankruptcy law affects debtors of all ages

Judge: Bankruptcy Reform is Bad Law

Bankruptcy is Alive, Well and Sorely Needed

WARNING! Raising the Minimum Payment

First Day of Bankruptcy Reform - Bankruptcy Attorneys Receive a Favorable Ruling

New Bankruptcy Guidelines

Why America's Really in Debt

A Little Satire

No Late Fees, But Watch Out For Late Rates

Filings for Bankruptcy Rise as New Law Looms

Life on Financial Edge to Get Tougher

Bankruptcy Filings Surge as Law Looms

Credit Card Use in America - Families buy Essentials With Costly Credit

Perhaps We Need CRA Reform?

Survey Report Reveals Truth Behind Credit Card Debt

The Sky is not Falling

Three Women Lawyers Better Qualified Than Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers

New bankruptcy road perhaps not so bumpy

Orcutt's Metaphor

Study: Credit Reporting Literacy

Bankruptcy gives families the chance to rebuild financial lives

Bankruptcy law hits snag: few counselors

The Old Law Still Applies

Going Bust is Getting Tougher

BAPCPA Ruling Applies ?? 522(p)'s $125,000 Homestead Exemption Cap to Florida Debtor

How Much Can our Bankruptcy Clients Handle?

More on Miers

With Bankruptcy Law Near, Make Filing Decision Soon

Katrina Bankruptcy Filers to get Leeway

Expected Surge in Katrina-Related Bankruptcies may Come too Late for Some

Kevin Chern Radio Interview in Palm Springs

Bankruptcy Filings Hit 13,000 per day!

Interim Bankruptcy Rules

Some Levity for Katrina Victims Filing for Bankruptcy after October 17

Interim Bankruptcy Rules

Personal bankruptcy filings soar as reform looms

Department of Justice Waives Credit Counseling Requirement for Katrina Victims (Means Test still applies)

President Bush Nominates Harriet Miers to Fill Open Supreme Court Seat

October 17th May Also Bring New Local Bankruptcy Rules and Procedures

Some States Anticipate Little BAPCPA Impact

Are We All Responding to a False Alarm?

The Consumer's Last Dime - (BARF) Bankruptcy Reform

Congress Turns a Deaf Ear to Katrina Survivors Trying to Rebuild

Lou Dobb's on Congress and Bankruptcy Reform

Katrina Bankruptcy Relief Bill - Can We Hope?

707(b)(2) May Help Debtors Under the Median Income

Section 707's "Special Circumstances" Provision May Give Debtors Some Relief (BAPCPA)

U.S. Trustee's Website Lists Approved Credit Counseling Agencies

Federal Agencies Struggle to Keep up with Bankruptcy Reform Filing Changes

How Will Bankruptcy Lawyers Navigate the Bankruptcy Reform Laws After October 17th?

2006 Bankruptcy Filing Projections

Tax advice in BAPCPA - A Taxing Experience

NACBA Conference in Orlando this weekend - "Helping Debtors Survive the New Bankruptcy Law"

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath - ABI Email Blast

Hurricane Victims Piling up Credit Card Debt...

Means Test - Quick Means Test

Bankruptcy deadline looms

Bankruptcy law another blow for Katrina victims

When It Comes to Income, Timing is Everything

Katrina and the Bankruptcy Law Change: A Double Catastrophe

Bankruptcy Filings Up, But Some Believe Impact on Debtors Not Too Severe

Credit Counseling Agencies Create Complex Financial Issues

Bankruptcy Lawyer Charitable "Pro Bono" Efforts May Dry Up

Bankruptcy Reform; The Effect on Small Businesses

Projected Bankruptcy Filings Continue To Rise

Trying to Have It Both Ways

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