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How to Make the Most Out of Your NACBA Experience


After months of looking forward to the 22nd Annual National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Convention (NACBA) in NYC, the weekend has just come and gone. So did you get the most you could out of this informative and fun-packed weekend? It’s not too late!

Do I Need Social Media To Enhance My Bankruptcy Firm’s Online Presence?


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube…Social Media is taking the world by storm. It is now the top Internet activity, even trumping email. Defined by Wikipedia as “the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks,” social media is a great way to generate leads, act as an interactive platform for existing clients, enhance your online brand presence and make yourself searchable to potential qualified customers.

Student Loans and Bankruptcy: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know


More than 40 million Americans have student loan debt. That’s more than the total population of over 200 countries - including Canada and Australia! In the last 15 years, student debt has increased more than 500%.

Vital Tips To Consider When Filing For Bankruptcy


People file for bankruptcy protection as a way to end their financial difficulties, begin rebuilding their credit, and make that fresh start with financial stability. As per the American Bankruptcy Institute, bankruptcy serves as a very viable option for people who have:

Start Fresh Today Delivers – Oscars Style (Pizza Included)


Even if you missed the 86th Academy Awards a couple weeks back, you probably still heard about the record breaking selfie and surprise pizza delivery. Ellen DeGeneres gathered Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Jared Leto, and Lupita Nyong’o for an impromptu selfie that set the record for the most-retweeted post ever! The antics didn’t end there when Ellen also had pizzas delivered to the audience during the show that hungry celebrities happily shared.

Start Fresh Today to Exhibit at 22nd Annual NACBA Convention in NYC


Start Fresh Today is excited to announce that team members will be in New York City April 10 – April 13, 2014 for the 22nd Annual NACBA Convention at the Hilton Midtown. During the convention, bankruptcy attorneys from around the country will be able to attend a variety of educational sessions, meet with sponsors and exhibitors, and participate in fun citywide events.

Does Bankruptcy Put an End to Your Financial Problems?

crossroads bankruptcy or counseling

Do you wince and cover your ears at the sound of that dreaded 10 letter ‘B’ word? Do you actively disassociate yourself from it, even when you are knee-deep in financial worries and debt? You are not alone. When we hear the word bankruptcy an array of negative connotations spring to mind – a perception that needs rectifying. Coupled with negative media attention, it has become a taboo subject in society, so much so that officials within the EU have even gone as far as suggesting ‘debt adjustment’ should be used as an alternative term, as it is less stigmatizing.

Bankruptcy Essentials #2: Forms Required For Your Case


Fortunately, the required forms are almost the same regardless of whether you’ve chosen to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Please be aware of the five most elementary categories of forms that are needed to file for bankruptcy:  

Bankruptcy Essentials: Be Prepared!

bankruptcy-basicsThe word ‘bankruptcy’ has always had a negative stigma attached to it, despite it being an incredibly effective tool to eliminate the legal obligation to pay your debts – that crippling metaphorical weight on your shoulders – and thus allowing you to make that fresh start you deserve. It has other benefits too; it can also prevent foreclosures and repossession of your property and belongings, wage garnishments and debt collection harassment. Looking at it from this perspective helps if you are faced with the decision to file for bankruptcy – debt relief is a much more appealing concept than financial distress!

Here at Start Fresh Today we want to help you with getting all the relevant information to help alleviate the stress involved in the bankruptcy process, as well as giving you an idea of what you can expect. Read below for our bankruptcy essentials!

Why Are Corporations Shunning Bankruptcy?

What Is Bankruptcy Defining Corporate Bankruptcy

Record-Breaking Filing Numbers for January 2014

Current corporate bankruptcy activity marks for a record-breaking period in bankruptcy history. According to an article on the Chapter 11 bankruptcy slowdown, up until February 2nd 2014 there was not one single corporation seeking U.S Bankruptcy Court protection—since early December 2013. Despite there being very low public filings in recent years – 4 in January 2006, and 20 in both January 2001 and 2002 – this 60 day stretch is the first time in which zero public filings have been made in the month of January.

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